Romantic Overnight Getaway

Just for 2

Escape the city for a night, with our beautiful Sydney Harbour getaway. Our skipper will take you for a 2 hour cruise around the Harbour, before leaving you alone for the night in a secluded bay.

What’s included:

2 guests + Skipper, 2 hour cruise, relaxed 3 course dinner and breakfast hamper, gas BBQ, covered seating area, full bathroom, optional pick up and drop off location.

Monday – Thursday: $899
Friday – Sunday: $999

Party On A

Up to 11 people

Effortlessly cruising around on your own private yacht is the only way to enjoy Sydney Harbour. Perfect for a celebration or just a different way to go out and enjoy drinks with your friends.

What’s included:

Up to 11 people + Skipper, BYO food and Drink, gas BBQ, covered seating area, outdoor shower, fridge, full bathroom, optional pick up and drop off locations.

4 hour cruise from $899
6 hour cruise from $1,999

We’re gonna need a bigger boat!

Up to 20 People

Introducing our Catamaran, it’s perfect for any kind of party on the water, including stag and hen do’s. There’s plenty of covered space to enjoy a drink with great friends on the water.

What’s included:

Up to 20 people + Skipper, BYO food and Drink, gas BBQ, covered seating area, outdoor shower, fridge, full bathroom, optional pick up and drop off locations.

Starting from $1,300


Sydney Yacht Hire is all about you.

Step onto your own private yacht, sit back and relax, hiring a boat on Sydney Harbour just got a whole lot more accessible. Be taken to hidden beaches, dive into crystal clear waters, pop Champaign corks and cheers your friends as the hassles of everyday life and the city float effortlessly away. Let us indulge you on the water, from a celebration with friends to a romantic weekend away, we’re here for you.

And, with BYO options, cruising around Sydney Harbour on your own private boat doesn’t have to cost as much as it looks.

As a small local business we’re able to listen to want you need and well…. make sure you get it. From were we pick you up, to the amount of stops we make, it’s all up to you. And, if you just want to just go with the flow, that’s totally fine too. Sydney Harbour is a magical place just waiting to be explored by boat, and we know all the best spots.


All about you

“A whole new way
to play on Sydney Harbour ”



Do I need sailing experience
Absolutely not. If you are interested in sailing we’re more than happy to show you the ropes (pun intended) but if sitting in the sunshine with a cold beer is more up your street that’s totally cool with us. Our boats are always skippered when we’re cursing around Sydney Harbour, so there’s nothing to worry about it.
Does the skipper stay overnight on the Romantic Overnight Getaway?
After your 2 hour cruise, the skipper will drop the anchor in a secluded bay in Sydney Harbour before leaving you to enjoy the evening alone. It’s totally safe and you won’t need to do a thing apart from enjoy each others company.
Is it BYO?
Absolutely, we’ll even pick up your pre ordered booze from Dan Murphy if you want so you don’t have to worry about getting it to the boat.
Are there any extra costs?
No way Jose! Once you’ve paid for your booking that’s it from us.


The Silly Season is nearly here and as the shops start to play their never ending loop of festive tunes, the rest of us start to get excited about one very important thing,- the office Christmas party!...

There's no denying one of the most attractive aspects of Sydney life is the incredible combo of city and beach life. We get to have it all, great city culture and awesome beach vibes. There aren't many places that can boast such beautiful beaches within such close proximity of a city, but Sydney well and truly can....

A day on a boat on Sydney Harbour would never be complete without opening a bottle of champaign and sharing some food with great friends. And, let's be honest the only food fit for this situation is seafood....


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Sydney Yacht Hire - Finger Wharf, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011